Are press releases still helpful online?

One way in which many lawyers and law firms used to disseminate information was through the use of press releases. If you look online, there are lots of paid and unpaid press release platforms.

The idea has always been pretty simple. A lawyer or law firm could issue a press release about various topics.

It could be about the opening of a new office. It could be about the hiring of a new employee. It could be other important announcements about the firm.

Press releases also allow for links to be put in them that take individuals to the lawyer or law firm’s webpage. These press releases use to be powerful.

Many top news agencies will pick up these press releases as well. The publicity can still have some impact. It is possible as well that the press release could be picked up as a news story.

In terms of the search engine optimization value, this has been minimized over time. The major search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo no longer give us much credence to press releases as they used to do.

Thus, if a lawyer or law firm is simply trying to make an announcement, a press release can still have some value. But if the goal is search engine optimization, the impact is not as it once was.