How to gain a social media following?

Gaining a social media following is a must for most law firms. A social media following allows law firms to get organic views of their announcements.

It could be that a lawyer in the firm has gotten an award. It could be the opening of a new office location or an expansion. In other instances, the addition of a lawyer could have taken place. So the possibilities are endless.

In the past, law firms might announce in a newspaper or legal periodical. Sometimes, law firms might pay for an ad in a bar journal.

With a social media following, maybe some of that still makes sense. But in many instances, the law firm could post the announcement on their firm’s Facebook or Twitter page. By doing so, more individuals may say the information. The announcement is even searchable on Google or Yahoo/Bing.

To get followers, a law firm needs to make posts regularly. At a minimum, posts should be made daily or weekly. In addition, the posts should not be from third-party sources.

The law firm should also begin following others they want to follow back. By following others, many will automatically follow back. The law firm can also use the @ sign to speak to others on their social media accounts.

Law firms should also have links to their social media accounts on their webpage. y doing so, many will click the link and follow the law firm.

Finally, many law firms may decide to pay to get followers. or example, most social media entities allow law firms to do paid advertising to get more followers.