Paid social media for law firms

Many law firms and lawyers are hesitant to utilize social media for their advertising efforts. The hesitation can be so severe that many law firms do not even have social media pages for their law firm.

Even on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and the major players, many law firms have nothing setup. Even if they have social media pages claimed and setup, the posts are often rare and infrequent.

To the extent any social media posts are made, many lawyers and law firms simply share articles written by others. They do this versus creating their now content online.

Another major opportunity many law firms miss is to utilize paid social media advertising. Instead of running expensive pay-per-click campaigns with Google or Yahoo/Bing, many lawyers and law firms do not realize there is another alternative.

Paid social media advertising is an alternative. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat allow lawyers to run advertisements. The advertisements can target specific regions and specific demographics.

Lawyers can syndicate videos, blog articles and other advertisements through paid social media advertising. Paid social media advertising is a powerful strategy that many lawyers and law firms should think long and hard about implementing, despite any hesitancy they may have.

The reality is that legal consumers spend an increasing amount of time on social media. Many spend more time on their social media accounts than listening to the radio or watching their television. This is what makes paid social media advertising such a tremendous opportunity.